By Lynne Hendricks · Jul 6, 2021
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Nur Abrahams 

Nur Abrahams has a voice like none other. He is often compared to being the missing member of the Bee Gees, with his ability to hit those high notes. The shy singing admits that he has been singing for many years and shocked his family when they heard him sing “Hurt” at the tender of four.  Nur does Nur best when he is unplugged. He likes to keep it simple and mellow, but should not be underestimated. 

He is up for any challenge put to him. 

He is best know for his famous song “Welcome to Cape Town” and he recently released his new song tittle ‘So Close’ A song that touched many people’s lives as this song was released during Lockdown when many people were separated from their love ones.

Nur is an artist and a family man and he shares his life with his wife and children. Community also plays a huge part in his life, as he aspires to help his community as much as he can, especially during this Lockdown period and beyond. 

Brukman Consulting is proud to have Nur Abrahams as a client. 

To book Nur please email [email protected]

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