PJ Twins

By Lynne Hendricks · Jul 6, 2021
PJ Twins picture

PJ Twins 

The PJ Twins, consists of twin brothers Peter and John Talmarkes. The Twins became a household name in 2012 when they were featured on ‘South Africa’s got Talent’ They managed to make it all the way to be the runners up to the competition. Their unique style is what captured to hearts and musical ears of the public.  

In 2019 they again put themselves in the firing line and entered the second installment of ‘The Voice SA’. They were a clearly a favourite, as they once again made it to the finals of the competition. 

This duo is a force to record with and they are here to stay. 

In May 2020, they collaborated with another set twins and released a single called ‘Believe’.

Brukman Consulting is proud to have the PJ Twins as clients. 

To book The Twins please email [email protected]

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