Salome Damon Johansen

By Lynne Hendricks · Jul 6, 2021
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Salome Damon Johansen 

Salome Damon Johansen, a name that is known across South Africa, as being a Veteran in the music industry. She openly shares her experiences with her fans, but it is her will to survive and her perseverance is that stands out. 

She doesn't shy away from talking about her past and use her struggles to help others overcome their adversities.

She has performed with many known artists, but she has her own style and music flare, that keeps her fans wanting for more. Her songs include: “Keep It Together, Sure Fire, What I do best, I don’t want to know and It’s Complicated. These are all well known songs among her followers and her fans love her for getting them out of their seats and dancing to her tunes. 

She is labeled as being real Diva when she is on stage. 

Her latest achievement during Lockdown, being ‘Tea with Salome.’ Here she brought out another side to her personality, as she found a new way of keeping her fans entertained during the World Wide Lockdown. Interviewing and showcasing others talents, while entertaining her fans. 

Not even Covid-19 could get her down.

Not only is she a Phenomenal Artist, but she is also a Mother and a Wife who is committed to her family. She also loves giving back and often aligns herself with other young talented artists. She takes them under her wings and moulds them to become the artists they are meant to be.  

Brukman Consulting is proud to have Salome as a Client. 

To book Salome please email [email protected]

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